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Qld Nissan Patrol Club: Rover Park Australia Day 2010


From Saturday 23rd Jan 2010 to Tuesday Morning 26th Jan 2010 members from the Queensland Nissan Patrol Club enjoyed a great four day weekend at Rover Park.

 Rover Park, Tenterfield, NSW

Situated on the eastern fall of The Great Dividing Range between Casino & Tenterfield is Rover Park, altitude 720 metres (we rarely experience frosts). On the Bruxner Highway, 2 hours from Byron Bay, 3 hours from Brisbane, 2.5 hours from the Gold Coast and just 35 kms from Tenterfield, Rover Park is a paradise for nature lovers. With 4000 acres of incredibly beautiful countryside comprising fascinating rock formations, valleys, rainforest pockets, waterfalls, breathtaking views, a river and creek, abundant wildlife and many species of birds, Rover Park offers holidays that you’ll never forget. It’s a place that you’ll want to return to time and time again.

Saturday 23rd Jan 2010

Andy in the White 4.2 Turbo Diesel GQ on 33’s Cooper STT’s and camper trailer arrived on site just after lunch on Saturday.  The GQ Wagon has received a new lease on life with a ATS Turbo upgrade.  A lot more go then the old wagon.  Definitely a good weekend to break in the new turbo.  Cav and Libby in the Crew Cav on 285/75 R16 Cooper STT’s arrive at Saturday lunch time with their awesome roof top tent.

After setting up camp for a spot of lunch everyone wandered over to the flying fox and water slide.  The flying fox was busy and kids where lining up again and again to ride the water slide.  Luckily someone brought two body boards that proved to be very good on the slide. 

After Tea the fire works started late at 21:20.  The fire works where very impressive for the $10 surcharge.  The fire works seemed to go for 20 minutes with a great variety of bangs and whistles.

Sunday 24th Jan 2010

Waking up at a leisurely hour with sore head, because the cabin we camped beside played there music very loud till after 3am in the morning.  So after a restless night the we broke camp around 10:30am and went in search of the Waterfall. 

This is when we realised how difficult it is to work out the map.  We travelled past the Slippery Dip and down a few tracks then we arrived at campsite 10.  Campsite 10 is right beside the water and a flash flood would clean up any campsite here.

After regrouping, turning the plan around a few times we had another go.  Turns out that we were on the right track but Cav took a right turn instead of keep going down hill.  Cruising past the deserted camp 11 we came over a small bridge.  Another couple of hundred meets was campsite 9 with a GU Patrol Wagon with a tadem axle caravan.  That looks better suited to a F250 on the highway.  How did he get that in here.  Or more importantly how is he going to get it out?

Finally we found the water fall.  The lookout is only an extra 200m and overlooks the waterfall. 

We all headed to the bottom of the waterfall to check out the cool waters and the trees that have grown over the rocks.  Two motor bikes arrived at the top of the fall and peaked over into the cool waters bellow.  A Two families had a chat to us at the bottom of the fall.  Funny both of them had GU patrol wagons.

Ridge Road (easy) past the slippery slide to a gate leading out of the park.  Backtrack 50m and run right into Colesys way (Extreme). Down some good slopes, cross slopes through a creek and again over the fenceline then follow the fence line out to an intersection of XXXX way and Red Rock Road.  Follow Red Rock Road all the way to the highway.  Crossing a few fallen trees.  Andy had a chance to break out the drag chain.

Turned around at the highway found the Western Fire Trail.  There was a cool bridge made by Royal Australia Engineers in 17 Troop 2 CER Combant Eningieer Regiment.  Not too sure why they would build a bridge in the middle of nowhere.  Following the trail to Crooked Creek Road.  Take a right turn throught the gate and past the waterfall con crooked creek road. 

Andy decided to have a go at MErv’s Hill (extreme) which looked like an easy entry and exit.  Andy launched up the hill taking a left turn near the top and pulling up at the top.  Cav followed to the left hand turn then walked the track.  Camera ready Cav got through the rough section and was just on top of the hill when the line too far to the right landed him on a rock.  Not a problem until the rock cracked in 2.  With a big piece behind and in front of the drivers side front wheel.  The read pumpkin siting on antoher rock with the rear left wheel off the deck.

After a nice drink of water and a few laughs the team worked out the recovery…..

The team walked the final part of the track. Andy cruised down the hard side of the hill.  There is a tree you have to line up with the bonnet and turn sharp left for a drop down. Any guided Cav to the bottom. Return to camp  Lib and Cav went to the slippery slide for a swim.

The music from the cabin was cranked up as everyone tried to get to sleep.

Monday 25th Jan 2010

Breaking camp around 09:00 the team travelled on a medium track through the no mercy hill section to check out campsite 2 and 3.  Heading North to Peach Tree Cove.  A great little picnic area with swimming.  Or take a stroll along the Calarack River bank through trees and rocks to other campsites.

Our next stop was the Beach Cave, however to get there we had to go through the play pen.  There wasn’t much mud in the play pen however it looks like it could be quite tricky in the wet.nt

The Beach Cave is located on the Calarack River.  We walked past the caves to River edge drive which is a driveable beach of silicon.  Looks like this is where the owners remove sand for the park.  Across the river / boundary fence is a hill side covered in dead tree trunks.  A very alien looking area compared to the Rover Park Side.  Why are the tree’s dying?

Near the car park is the Rapids very rock yet shallow water.

Back into the vehicles and to the Bush Beach which is about 500mm down hill from the car park.  This is down hill with steps about 600mm deep.  At the bottom was a variety of families with kids swimming in the cool waters on a hot day.

Andy stay in the cool of the trees to enjoy the tranquillity of the beach with its own silicon sand, while Lib and Cav took the body boards up to the water fall.  It gets tight through the rocks at the waterfall end.  However the reward of showering in your own waterfall is something to be experienced.  Paddling back to shore and collecting some rubbish as we all headed back to the vehicles.  There where two Coke Can’s at the beach left behind and it can make you cry.

Just about to leave the car park for the trip to camp for lunch.  A mufti convoy of 5 four wheel drives and a 200 Series Landcruiser arrived making the car park, um.  Very full.  After negotiationed our release from the car park we checked out campsite 5 which is about 12 vehicles, small water tank, not many trees and 1 compost toilet.  Lib and Cav went drove down to the creek to find the Cataract Point – The sandy beach from earlier that morning.  While Andy found a camp fire still alight and proceded to put it out.  Once the fire was out we checked out campsite 6.  Campsite 6 has room for 3 vehicles with no water or facilities.  It does overlook a massive rock overlooking the river.  Looking at the map the campsite numbers are different.

After returning to camp for lunch Andy want to go find where he got stuck in the river last time he was here.  Taking Gumnut Driver we head into the bush and crossed the river and followed a variety of trakcs.  Not too sure of the name well because the map and the track names where hard to collate.  IF anything Cav mad a left hand turn to put the ute on a nice side slope.  Luckily a quick reverse and all on the track again. The team moved Polaris Drive past Harmony’s loop.  Which the property owners son didn’t know where it was. And made a right hand turn onto Playpus Drive.

Olys Way (Medium) with Extreme Sections.  If this is medium what is Extreme.  Lots of off chamber and side slopes with tight trees.  Cav got a tree stuck on the tray and had to massage the tree to get out. 

Suzy Canion

The crew travelled along Olys way chasing the Rover Park fence line.  There was a heavily wodded area which made the track very narrow.  Cav managed to get a tree stuck between the carry bars on the tray.  The tree had a gentle massage to allow the ute to get free.  To make the track a tad more difficult a lot of off camber tracks between the trees makes this a trick track for wide vehicles.  I would like to see a F250 have a go.

On the map this track is Medium.  If this is medium what is extreme?  Climbing out of creeks with long and loose rocky climbs. On the first hill Andy was following a little too close when the ute got bogged down in loose stone.  A quick change of gears and Andy managed to save the GQ in 1st gear from stopping.

The crew headed back to camp going through creeks and climbing loose rocks to get out.

Tuesday 26th Jan 2010 (Australia Day)

Andy planned to leave the park and drive home after 10:00.  Where Cav and Lib drove into Tenterfield to see a family friend.  At 11:00 After a few photos with the Rover Park Sign the Crew Cav checked out the free overnight camping location 1.2km down the highway at about 60km/hr from a dirt road leading into the park.  This will be good to know for another adventure.

Accommodation / Facilities

At the main campsite is showers and toilets.  Adequate however I would like to take my own for reliability

Camping wow there are 10+ camping sites to pick from.  Some campsites are so remote that you would only see other vehicles as you passed them near the main camp as it is the hub of the road network.


There is lots of swimming available there is the bush beach which has its own water fall and rapids.   A 75m long water slide into the dam on a body board is an experienced not to be missed.  The bach cav and the waterfall are two other swimming locations.


The park has a lot a variety of swimming holes, waterfalls, walking tracks, camping, 4×4 tracks and motor bike tracks. The water slide is awesome and the flying fox

Special Thanks:

Photography: &

Vehicle supplied by:

Andy for coming along to make it a great weekend.



  1. I evnvy those guys!!! the truck look macho!! I hope I buy it in the next 2 years just for my collection Lol!!

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