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2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show – Best of the best ute competition.

On the 2nd April 2010 the RAS Youth group ran the 2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show – Best of the Best Ute Competition. The 17 best and brightest utes from both NSW &Qld made the final cut to compete on Good Friday at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  To represent the winners of the 2009 Show Ellie in her Princess Bubblegum Pink VR ute was on display as the reserve Champion ute from the 2009 Show.

Paige Cape co-ordinator of agricultural development coordinated the Best of the Best Ute Competition with the assistance of many RAS Youth Group Members.


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Competition at this level is very fierce as each ute has won shows previously including the 2009 Deniliquin Ute Muster Grande Champion. 

  • Rob Conner – Black ute?
  • Carolyn East in the “Traveller” a blue holden ute like a WB.
  • Bat Mann in “The Dark Knight” inspired commodore ute
  • Wayne Anthony in the Bad Cop BA XR8 Reserve Champion ute
  • Josh Kochuyt in his Holden Rodeo from Engadine
  • Gavin Rosser from Penrith.
  •  Crew Cav Nissan Patrol Crew Cab ute from Tamborine, Qld (
  • More utes just do not have names at time of print.

Entry forms

Entry to the Best of the Best ute competition can be gained by checking out Each entrant had to submit a three page entry form that include one to four photos of the ute, a list of unique ute characteristics, a list of previous awards won and why they think their ute is the best of the best.

 Running of the day

At 07:00 18 utes arrived at the Homebush site to get inside to the judging area.  About 8am utes finally make it through the grounds to the small fenced off area to display the utes.  Then ute entrants spend about 2 hours cleaning utes for the judging at 10am.

At 10am Judging begins and only one person from each ute is allowed inside the fenced area at any one time.  The judges quickly scope out the full field of utes.  Then they go thought each ute and ask questions about the ute, how they got there. Around 12:30 the judging is completed. 

Around 2pm all the competitors where called into the centre of the display area.  Then the organisers presented each finalist with a finalist ribbons and an item of Blue Dog Clothing. The organisers thanked all the entrants for making the effort to attend the show and behave in front of 80 000 spectators at the ute parade. 

RAS media crews and photographers were present during the day taking photos and video of the event.

Grand Parade

At 5:00 pm each ute driver was given a passenger from the RAS Youth Group to make sure the ute drivers behaved.  Only two people per ute were allowed which is a little upsetting when you have 6 seats.

The convoy left the show grounds with flags flying and travelled arround the Homebush ring road to come back through gate 10.  After a 5 minute wait to get onto the main arena the doors opened.  17 utes cruised out into the main arena with 80000 odd spectators in the stands for the busiest day of the show.  The utes did half of the arena and pulled up in front of the stands to chat with the patrons.


The ring announcer announced the Reserve Champion as Wayne Anthony from “Bad Cop”.  Photos and a ribbon and a $900 Blue Dog Belt Buckle was presented to Wayne for his win.  ‘Crew Cav’ was announced as the Champion ute for 2010 with a ribbon, $1000 cheque and $900 Blue Dog Belt Buckle.

All the utes then left the arena and went their own ways.


The best of the best ute competition in 2010 brought together the best utes of NSW to compete on Good Friday at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010.  All competitors had a great time and look forward to competing in 2011.

Special Thanks

  • All competitors and the general public for attending the 2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show – Best of the Best Ute Competition
  • RAS Youth Group
  • Blue Dog Clothing (
  • L & D Earthmoving sponsors of Crew Cav (

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