“Crew Cav”, is an ultimate touring rig and the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. This Nissan Patrol 2003 coil cab ute has been modifided to seat six adults, more than one ton of payload and a FOPS (fall over protection system) in the Multicab. 

Phil and the team at http://www.creativeconversions.com.au/ increased the chassis strenth by extended the chassis 350mm and keeping a single tailshaft.  The rear axle has been replaced with a leaf sprung Patrol ute axle which is the biggest and strongest Nissan built diff.  Coils have been replaced with a full manual control airbag suspesion for an increase of 50mm ride height and increase GVM to 4.18 ton GVM. 

Brendan and the team at http://www.svmqld.com.au/ have hand crafted the multicab.  Which is Australian made, fully detachable with four bolts, three seats, FOPS and 60/40 split bench seat. Gary at http://www.smashcare.com.au/ painted the rig with Australian Caterpillar Yellow.  While Dale from http://www.2dextremefabrications.com.au/ has custom built the rock sliders, bashplate, recovery points to the tray.  The tray has roll over bar, toolboxes and a removable floor. 

I We hope you enjoy the website and if you would like to suggest changes or would like photos or movies leave a comment in the guest book or drop us a line at crewcav@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Cav 🙂